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P&G Sampling Party – BzzAgent Campaign

I already told you all how excited I was for my first campaing via. BzzAgent, and was dying to get my Bzz Kits in mail. The day I received my Bzz Kits, I felt on top of the world. I felt like a child who feels delighted to get gifts and surprises. To share my excitement with you all,  I clicked the snap of my bzzkit right away, the moment I got it in mail. 2015-04-27 15.25.36-2 After going through all the products of my P&G party kits, I started planning the party which I had agreed to host when I signed up for this BzzAgent campaign. Being a mom, I find it difficult to host parties all by myself these days, so I decided to go for a big potluck dinner instead. This obviously didn’t mean that I was cooking just one dish for the gathering. Cooking and baking is my forte, and all my friends are die-hard fan of my cooking skills, so I decided to use this as some sort of temptation to invite them to the party. Everything, from guest list to who is cooking what to party games were planned keeping in mind the likings of all my friends. I rang each of my friend almost a week ago before the party, and invited them formally. To build the suspense, I told them to expect a surprise which would please them all. They were all so excited, on the phone, about our small party. I hosted the party on 3rd of May, Sunday at 5 pm, as everybody was free and that made it easier for them to come over and enjoy. For making the evening more entertaining, I planned games and gave the P&G Sample boxes as prizes. Altogether, I had 6 friends in the party, and to make sure that everyone gets the Canadian Essential Kits, I chosen 6 fun-filled games. With every game, one winner was getting the box, and the winner was not allowed to take part in the next game. In the end, all my friends had their share of Bzz kits, and were dying to open to see what was inside, as I had gift-wrapped each and every box. So, in the end I asked everyone to open their individual boxes. As they opened their boxes, their faced were filled with excitement. “Oh my God…Oh, my God” echoed in the room. They were all eager to know how I got these sample boxes, and I shared how I got them for free through BzzAgent. They were all listening to me as if I was narrating some kind of story to them! It was fun to watch all their faces filled with so many emotions at the same time. 1464705_944452585585340_3252002921006319673_n Soon they were all busy exploring different products and sharing with each other.  I asked each of my friend to talk about one sample, from the box, that particularly caught their attention. To my surprise, everyone except one chose Tide Pods, and they all gave very similar reasons. They all were attracted to the amazing fragrance that pack was giving off and were pleased to see that it had fabric brighter in the pod too. Apart from the pod, the next thing they are were excited about was Old Spice body wash. This, particularly interested them because of the fact that it was of P&G brand, which they were all totally unaware of. For all other products,they thought of exploring a bit more and sharing feedbacks after use, which I gladly accepted. 997028_944452535585345_6455711612057940497_n Overall, It was a great party and all my friends wanted me to keep hosting parties like the. They even asked me all about BzzAgent and how to be an Agent. I am pretty pleased that everyone had a great time. Thanks BzzAgent for helping me host a wonderful party for my friends!! Disclosure: I mentioned that I got the P&G Sample Kit from BzzAgent for free to each and every friend, who attended the party.

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