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Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Hair Product Review

2015-04-27 11.53.28 I was super excited to get chosen for “Herbal Essences Wild Naturals” Campaign from BzzAgent. The excitement was primarily for the reason that this product is made of natural ingredients, and has the rich qualities of Indian cassia, and Turkish Fig. My hair are super dry and chemically treated. Due to which I normally use “High End Hair Products”, just to make sure that I don’t damage my locks further. But, buying high end brands is a costly affair, so I had been looking for something that would nurture my hairs without ripping my pockets. When I got into this campaign, I was happy that I would be able to try a product that is made to look after the needs of damaged hair, returning dull, dry hair to its natural radiance. I received the Herbal Essence Wild Natural Rejuvenating Line “Starter Kit”, comprising of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil Elixir, plus few  off coupons to share with my friends/family. 11260491_946496832047582_7970706858504196322_n When I opened the package, I felt good to see the packaging of the starter kit was so good. Everything was packed tightly and neatly, making sure nothing would damage the product bottles. The color combination of the product is so eye catching. The Indian Cassia flower and Turkish Fig picture on the product bottle makes it stand out. As I opened the product my senses came to life. The product simply smells divine. It’s is refreshing, rejuvenating and not at all overpowering. Shampoo is of medium consistency and lathers well. If your hair are really dirty, then you might need to use the shampoo twice to effectively clean them, otherwise one wash is good enough. Conditioner  consistency is on the thicker side, and conditions your hair perfectly well. It gets absorbed by the hair, leaving them soft and moisturized. Rinsing off the conditioner is not at all difficult, unlike other conditioners I have used. The conditioner does an excellent job at nursing and conditioning your locks. Oil Elixir is not at all like other oil elixirs I have used, prior to using this. It is so light, and not greasy! It does not weigh down your hairs or make them stick together, but gives a overall nice shiny finish to your hair. A perfect Red Carper look is what I can say to explain better! You can simply apply it on towel dried hair, right after washing, or use it before blowdrying. Trust me you will be amazed to see the difference just  few drops of oil elixir can make. 11109201_943942075636391_2588961856036170089_o The first time I used shampoo and conditioner, I did not notice/feel any change, but with consistent use, it did make a difference. After regular use of 3 weeks, I have noticed a huge change. My locks are are not overly dry, like previous, and are silky smooth. They feel stronger and have noticed less breakage too!  My hair do not feel lifeless anymore. This product is a life saviour for my locks! I use Oil Elixir on towel dried hair, and it gives the perfect shiny, I always wanted, to my locks. My locks do not knot so much, after using it, which is just great, because knots made my hair look dreadful. Ever since I started using Herbal Essence, I have been getting lots of compliments! This product line has not become my favourite. I highly recommend everyone to try it out, especially to people who have dry and damaged hairs, and check the result yourselves. (The results may vary from person to person due to difference in hair quality). Thanks BzzAgent and Herbal Essences for letting me test this product for free! If you love to test new products and write reviews, do sign up for BzzAgent, and start receiving free products.



  1. Ashley says

    This looks like it’d be a really good line. Probably wouldn’t use the oil (even though you say it’s not greasy) — I have major issues putting any extra oil into my hair. But I’d definitely try the shampoo and conditioner — it’d probably help to moisturize it and restore it. Thanks for posting about it. Gotta love Bzzagent! 🙂


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