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A MIRACLE product for sleep deprived skin!

With so much going on in our lives in today’s fast paced life, we often find ourselves not getting adequate amount of sleep.

Do you know how much sleep deprivation affect the beauty and health of our skin?

Proper sleep is vital for our skin to repair itself, and restore the balance. When we sleep, our skin goes into a repair mode. This is when the older cells are replaced with the new cells, thus restoring the balance, and making the skin healthy. Lack of sleep rips our skin of the glow, and causes blood vessels to dilate, thereby causing dark circles. Not only this, but it also slows down the collagen production, which is very important to slow ageing process. Thus, we can say lack of sleep causes wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it reduces the skin ability to stay hydrated as well as increases skin sensitivity. Without proper sleep, the skin loses its ability to protect itself from the harmful chemicals present in the environment.

Recently, Vichy launched  a restorative night cream with the name “Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep”. This cream is basically meant for women who do not get proper sleep because of their busy/hectic lives. It works to reverse the signs of stressed and sleep deprived skin, making your skin look fresh and glowing in the morning. I was few of the lucky one who was sent this cream for free, to test and review via. ChickAdvisor, along with the Vichy idealia Life serum. 

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I have never used any Vichy product before, so I was super excited to know I was getting these product. I was totally hooked by the concept/science behind the night cream and serum , and was desperate to try it to see the results myself. The products arrived in a cute pink coloured box, along with a card with details about the product, and instruction on using it.  I simply fell in love with the Vichy products right at first sight! There was something so catchy and attractive about the packaging that I was intrigued!


Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep comes in a 50 ml pink, a very feminish tone, jar, with a mirror on the top of the cover (which I find very cool!). I love creams in jar! I know there are many people who prefer tube or a bottle for hygienic reasons, but I guess I am not one of them. As I opened the jar, a mild floral scent hit my nostrils. Ohhhh…Simply divine!!! It smells so fresh, not at all overpowering. Texture wise, I would say the cream is of medium consistency! It does not appear heavy, unlike other night creams that I have used. It has a balm like gel consistency. So it would be better to say the texture is a hybrid of Balm and Gel, which makes the cream so light!

11391344_955896754440923_7687575349435838069_n 11393082_955896737774258_6057080841901792645_n

Vichy ideal life serum, on the other hand, comes in a 30ml pink bottle with a pump. This is the first skin idealizer serum that helps to improve skin quality and control the signs of pre-mature aging, which occurs due to stress, environmental pollution and lack of hydration. Here I would quote from the Product site itself : “The 1st lifeproof skin idealizer for a spectacular transformation of skin quality: fresh complexion, even skintone, refined pores and rested features.” It is safe for all skin type!

The serum has almost similar consistency as the restorative night cream, and smells mildly floral. It is so light, and does not make your skin look oily after application, which occurred with other greasy serums I have used. The serum has small shiny sparkles in the serum which illuminates the skin. It spreads easily so a little amount is sufficient to cover your face, and is absorbed super quickly.

Both these products are  hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and paraben-free, which is normally what I look for in skin products! 


As I read the list of ingredients for the products, I was flattered to find so many rich and benificial ingredients, such as, Vitamin B3, LR2412 (It is a anti-aging molecule, which works by accelerating epidermal repair and improves the skin’s ability to protect itself), Apricot oil, LHA, Adenosine, Hyaluronic acid and Glycyrrhizic. Both these products are like a bomb, loaded with nutrients and vitamins, ready to explode in your skin and nourish it from within! Sounds fascinating, hun! Trust me, you would feel the same when you start using them.

My skin is super dry, and that makes it harder for me to find skin products that can keep the moisture intact. This is my main focus area when I try any new products on my skin. With Vichy Idealia skin sleep and life serum, I felt the difference right away, the first time I used them on my face! Both these products were so delicate on my skin, almost like a feather! It was so easy to spread and were absorbed quickly as if my thirsty skin had been waiting for them.  Within minutes of application, I felt my skin so soft and supple. It did not appear stretchy, which normally people with dry skin feel. The next morning the results were visible! My skin did not appear stressed out, and had a bit of a glow, which was lacking due to not getting proper sleep. 


Notice the dark circles around my eyes, as well as the dark area in chin.


There is reduction in the dark circle, as well as the dark patch in chin (Result after 5 days of use)

With regular use the results are quite prominent. There is decrease in the pore size, and the dark circles around my eyes. My skin feels well hydrated and firmer. My skin appear much healthy, as well as there is improvement in my skin tone. More than everything, people around me have started noticing that my skin is radiantly glowing. For the first time in years, I have started stepping out of my house without makeup. I look bit younger, and am confident that with consistent use my overall quality of skin will improve.

I can confidently say, I have finally found a product that works for me and have got a hang for it.  Overall, I am quite happy with the results and would continue using it in my skin regime. After all, who would not after seeing the results! I highly recommend you all to try it. Don’t forget to share your feedbacks 🙂



  1. what amazing results!! I know that my lack of sleep has taken a toll on my skin and this product seems amazing. I am glad that you said that it does not have a strong floral fragrance. I have tried a couple of products like this and I just don’t like putting much fragrance on my skin. I have very sensitive skin. Great review!!!


    • You should definitely try this out! After my pregnancy my skin started to suffer miserably due to lack of sleep and hormonal imbalance. Thank God, I got a chance to test this products and I am loving the results its delivering for me. Do try and let me know about your experience!
      Thanks for visiting!


  2. This looks like a totally awesome product! I have severe dark circles under my eyes, always have. Thank you for sharing this! I’m gonna have to get me some!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It definitely worked for the dark circle I have under my eyes, plus my skin seems so much softer and hydrated. Do check try it and let me know the results!
      Thanks for visiting!


  3. I did not know this about sleep deprivation and how it effects my skin. No wonder I am aging so much now that I am older with kiddos and getting a ton less sleep. I have noticed it has gotten worse with my second.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was unaware of this fact too, until I got accepted into this campaign. With a lot of research I came in terms with the reality. Have promised myself not to stay up late from now on!


    • Miracle cream is an apt name for this product. I understand if it worked for me doesn’t mean it would work for others too, but there is no harm in trying!


  4. MamaSmith says

    Having two young daughters I do not get as much sleep as I would like to. That being said, this looks like a great product I would love to try!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had never used before but after using this product I am hooked! Vichy has earned one loyal customer. You should definitely try the moisturizer. It would be great if it suits you!


  5. Awesome results! I am amazed how effective product was on you with before and after pics. I have tried Vichy products in past but this review makes me interested back again. Will check them out on my next shopping list in stores.


  6. I’ve personally experienced the negative effects of sleep deprivation when I worked the midnight shift! I love this product. Thank you so much for sharing your results. Seeing REAL results persuades me to buy a product more than anything!


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