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GrowVeg Vegetable Garden Planner Review / ***My First Giveaway!***

My mother is very passionate about gardening! I remember her spending most of the free time she had in her small garden. Seeing her working so hard always made me wonder what on God’s Earth was my mum busy doing, because gardening for me as a kid was sowing seeds, watering plants and plucking the rewards in the form of tomatoes, coriander, pepper etc. The fresh produce from my mum’s garden tasted divine and this is the only aspect I knew about gardening back then.

(Mom + Gardening = Fresh tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers, peppers, oranges, apples to eat) Funny right!

Though, I personally had no interest in gardening, but was always busy helping my mum, just to make her happy in the hope she might pluck fresh cucumber and give it to me.

Ohhh, it tasted phenomenally fresh and juicy!!!

Anyways, in this helping process, over the years, I learned some very important aspect about gardening, which intrigued me. Gardening is way more than just sowing seeds and watering plants. A productive garden needs to be carefully planned and organized to make sure each and every plant you grow gets proper space and supply of nutrients to flourish well! One needs to spend hours planning the layout virtually before actually steeping into the garden. It is simply not every ones cup of tea!

Recently I got the opportunity to review GrowVeg Vegetable Garden Planner, by, which is a web-based software designed specifically to help you plan a layout of your vegetable garden.


All the work that you previously had to do on paper can now be done online, making it so much easier to alter the design and make changes, saving you from the hassle of using pen and paper.

I never imagined that a software like this even existed before! This opportunity refreshed all my childhood memories and gave me a in-depth knowledge about gardening. I think very soon I will start planning my own Vegetable garden!

As I stared to explore my one year free software subscription, I was amazed to see plethora of gardening tools and features it offers. With this software even a layman can efficiently plan the layout of a productive garden, without any help. It is simple to navigate software, and one needs to start by selecting a desired lay out for their garden. This gardening software has over 200 pre-installed varieties of different vegetables, herbs and fruits, with details about all the required conditioned needed for these to grow well. You simply need to decide which vegetable you want to grow and simply drop-n-drag that unto the desired spot creating your virtual garden before turning into reality.

Trust me this will make the life of gardener stress free! With this planner, you don’t have to worry about going through books or surfing net to get information about which vegetables to grow when.

Yes, you heard me right!

This Vegetable Garden software will tell you all about the correct time to plant your veggies.

Isn’t it amazing!

Not only this, the software has a “Frost” feature which, on the basis of your location, gives you an idea about the best time to plant your veggies keeping them safe from frost. This feature is a life savior! I remember once my lost entire crop of veggies due to frost and she was so upset for weeks because of that. But with GrowVeg no more worrying about frost!

Keeping a record of the plantation, with every minute detail, is essential to keep your garden productive. This web-based software spares you from the pain of keeping a journal which can easily be lost. This software has a built in journal that will allow you to keep every details about your garden, from when you planted seeds to when you added the fertilizer, safe and secure. This helps you to plan crop rotation which is very essential for a successful garden. Moreover, GrowVeg allows you to share your garden plan with everyone on social media platform, or your friend to envy!

Overall, I feel GrowVeg is a much needed software that can not only help  gardeners like me, but even professionals to plan and design the layout before turing it into reality. This is super easy to navigate and quite flexible. Saves a lot of time, which can be utilized to other productive work. I would rate this 5/5!

Here is a video to help you get a glimpse of this software:

To get more information visit

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free, via. Tomoson,  in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~


Now, its time for my first Giveaway! has been very generous to offer a one year free subscription of their amazing GrowVeg Vegetable Garden Planner, value $25,  to one lucky reader.

TO ENTER: LEAVE A COMMENT in the comment section telling me “One thing you love the most about gardening”. Don’t forget to leave your email id where you can be reached. 

This giveaway is open to everyone, aged 18 or above and ends on 29th June 2015. 

So hurry, try your luck!

This Giveaway has ended and the winner is Rose Lynn!

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  1. Tara says

    One thing I love most about gardening is the love and care one puts into it. Much like raising our families, gardens need compassion and attention. It wonderful to see something start from a little seed and grow into a big beautiful, and delicious, plant!


    • I agree with you. One needs to look after the plants as if their own child! Thanks for entering the giveaway. Best of luck!


  2. desafio6 says

    My favorite thing about gardening is being able to grow my own vegetables.


    • Fresh produce are fresh and taste simply divine! I love this the most about gardening too! Thanks for entering the giveaway. Best of luck!


  3. This is REALLY cool, I’m sad I missed it. My grandfather always planted crops, so many I have no idea how he could have possibly done it all himself. I’m a little behind this year, I have two tomato plants, maybe 6 potatoes and a couple flowers


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