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Video Surgeon Review ***Win a copy of Video Surgeon – A video editing software! ***

Enter to win this for FREE! Winner will be announced on June 30th, 2015 by video surgeon.

Enter to win this for FREE! Winner will be announced on June 30th, 2015 by video surgeon.

Video Surgeon is a amazing software that has the ability to transform ordinary video footage into a valuable learning tool. It uses video motion analysis and playback review to help the user zoom into every minute details, which is not possible in a normal video, thereby enhancing the learning experience. The kind of technology used in this software is normally used by professionals, Olympic athletes, and professional sports teams.

Introducing, Video Surgeon the video analysis software designed for the consumer. It allows user to slow down the video to 25%, which can further be slowed down by exporting the video and then re-opening file. Isn’t it great??? Not only this, you can also create looping areas and zoom into the video to get a clear insight. Using the slow motion, zooming and looping together at the same time, you get a powerful tool to assist you in analyzing video, extracting and maximizing your learning potential. I am a teacher and can picture myself using this software to enhance learning in my classroom! Moreover, you can use this to create funny/silly videos for personal use too!

The main feature of Video Surgeon is its capability to slow down videos. With this ability, users can study the videos more carefully and precisely. Aside from slowing down videos, Video Surgeon also lets users zoom in on videos so they analyze/study with detail and accuracy. This way, they will have a better chance of quickly learning and understanding the lessons without missing even smallest detail.

If you want to study a part of the video in detail, you simply create “loops” which isolates a particular segment of a video and play it over and over again. This repetition makes it easier for you ro review something as many times as you wish until you’re able to understand and analyze what you’re seeing in greater detail. In addition, you can edit, split and join, and speed up videos too! It is quite simply to export your final video, and you can even embed it in Excel or Powerpoint, which is perfect for teachers/trainers.

It has an enhanced dual sniffer module that makes it easy to download videos from almost any site on the internet. I love this feature as it enables me to download even YouTube Video! I had been looking for something like this for so long and happy to finally get it! The best part of this software is that it can open and view almost all kinds video file formats such as: avi, mp4, m4v, mpg, mpg2,mov, flv, mkv, wmv, mts and rm. It can even access files from your hard drive, a camera. This features makes the job easier and less time consuming! I had previously used a video software, but it could access limited file formats, making it really hard and frustrating for me at times. But, with Video Surgeon there is no more worrying about file formats!

Wow, this sounds like a magical software!!

You can watch the video below, to get a better understanding of the software features and functions:

A software as efficient as this does not comes cheap, but Video Surgeon, is bringing the technology used by the professionals at your doorsteps for just $119! You can now get access to this super amazing software without spending a fortune!

Oh, yes!! You heard me right!

Now comes the good news! Right now, Video Surgeon is having a draw, where one person can win this software absolutely free! So don’t miss the chance and enter the draw right away! Click on the link below to enter and try your luck.


For every 100 entries, they will give away one more of these for free, so share this with all of your friends too!! The more you share, the more number of people will win. Thus the odds of winning will increase! The contest is open till 30th June 2015 only so hurry!

You can check out the Demo for the software HERE. If you do not win, but loved the demo, you could simply purchase the software HERE

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free, via. Tomoson, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. Wow this sounds very unique and cool. I think I’d have a hard time figuring this out and understanding it. It definitely sounds like a magical software, like you say haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joyce, trust me its super easy to follow and navigate! If someone like me could figure out so easily then you will do much better than me!


    • They had a LOT of training videos, it was actually pretty easy… once I watch the dang videos rather than “doing it the guy way” and just trying to figure it out on my own… lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That sounds like a very interesting program. It seems like it would be an extremely useful learning tool. I bet it would be great for learning how to improve one’s sport technique.


    • I completely agree with you! Have you entered for the contest to win this software? If not, please do!


  3. Thank you for the great review. I have seen this several times, and been wondering if it was worth purchasing or not. This has me leaning more toward purchasing now. Might be worth my while


    • You bet! This a coolest video editing software i have ever used. Did you enter to win a free copy? If not, please do that!


  4. Great review, can’t wait to see your video… mine was kinda silly of my husband playing with jacob, but I think that I somehow saved the wrong one as the looping wasnt in there


  5. This would be great for my wedding video. Many family members took different videos, we were dumb and didn’t hire a videographer. So this would help us finally make something we loved.


    • Oh yes! You should definitely enter the giveaway and hope you win! Congratulation on your wedding!


  6. This is sounds like a really interesting tool. I have not gotten much into such tools cause find it hard time figuring them out. Really glad it is easy to understand, will check this out.


    • I myself have difficulty figuring technical stuff, but this was very easy with so many tutorials to help. Check it out and let me know!


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