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Secret To Get Summer Ready Feet Without Spending a Fortune! #BareFootBeautiful

Lately, I have heard few people spreading a rumor that ChickAdvisor is a waste of time, and it’s hard to get products from ChickAdvisor. Well, I would say  to them, if you are active on your social media accounts such as twitter, Facebook etc, as well as write good quality reviews on ChickAdvisor, there is no reason as to why ChickAdvisor won’t consider you to test and review for them. After all, they need influencers to write reviews! Anyways, I am few of those fortunate chicks on ChickAdvisor who have been getting quite a few products, to try, for free in return of honest opinion.

The most recent product that I received from ChickAdvisor is Amope Pediperfect Pedicure Electronic Foot File. I had heard a lot about Amope before getting this campaign and that is what made me more interested in trying it.


My feet are overly dry which makes them prone to cracking. This is further worsen by my constantly staying on my feet which leads to callus formation. No matter how much cream I massage onto them they remain the same. Being a mother to a baby, going out to get professional pedicure done does not work for me! To give some relief to my cracked feet I use manual foot filer, but that requires lot of time to file both the feet. Needless to say, with all the issues, the news of me getting Amope made me excitedly happy!

I started using Amope right away the day it arrived! I love the design and overall appearance of  Amope pediPerfect. It is heavy built, but not very heavy to hold in your hands. By heavy built I mean it is pretty strong! It operates on 4 AA batteries which saves a lot of your time and energy while filing your foot. The great news is that the device comes with the batteries, so you can use it right away after purchasing and you don’t need to spend extra bucks on batteries. Isn’t it great!


You are suppose to use it on dry skin and be careful not to use it for more than 3 to 4 seconds on a particular spot to  avoid taking off too much skin. The auto shut off feature is the best thing about this device. If you use it by applying too much pressure on your skin  Amope PediPerfect will automatically shut off!  So you need to use it gently on your skin, and trust me it will do its job perfectly well with little effort 🙂

Amope is quite easy to use and it gently takes off your dead and dry skin leaving your feet smooth and soft.  The ergonomically shaped soft touch handle with specially designed micralumina replaceable head makes Amope all the more effective in reaching each and every area of your foot.


Within few minutes of first time use, my feet were smooth and soft. By third use my calluses were all shrunken. I use it twice a week, normally during night, after which I apply Vaseline and wear socks. I have been using Amope for over 2 weeks now and am really impressed with the result.

My feet are ready to kiss the Sun this summer, all thanks to Amope PediPerfect Electronic Foot File!

If you wan to read what others have to say about Amope PediPerfect click HERE. 



    • I really liked it! Two best things about this is the compact design and the easy process of getting beautiful stand of veggies. You should check it out!


  1. Michelle Hwee says

    Oh man, I so need one of these!! My feet are never the prettiest but with Summer time, I definitely want to rock some sandals! WIll check this one out!


    • Michelle, do buy it this summer to rock in sandals! Its a great divide to help you get rid of dead skin and make your feet look perfect!


  2. You are all set for summer! I like that it comes with battery so you can use it as soon one gets it. It looks nice in design and glad it is not bulky.


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