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Easy@Home Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review #ArmBloodPressureMonitor

My mother suffers from hypertension, so it is vital for her to keep her B.P within limits in order to avoid any complication. To monitor her B.P on a regular basis, she needs to go to clinic which is quite tiring and exhausting! The perfect solution for this problem is getting a B.P monitor that would help to monitor B.P in the comfort of home. I had been meaning to gift her a Blood Pressure Monitor but every time I come across one, I always end up wondering if it would work well. I am one of the few people who avoid spending money on things that I am not sure would work.


Recently, I got a chance to review Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor, which was a perfect opportunity for me to try/test the monitor to see how it performed. I gladly accepted the offer and the monitor arrived in the given time frame.


Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor is portable, stylist, sturdy and durable! The overall design is eye-catching and the bright Digital LCD display makes it easier to read. The cool carry case that comes with it makes it easy to carry it in anywhere. It can perfectly fit in your handbag because of the compact size. The 4 AA batteries, that you need to operate this monitor, comes with it so you don’t need to spend extra bucks to purchase batteries. The hand cuff can comfortably fit upper arm circumference of 23-32 cm (8.67 – 12.5 inch). It can be easily adjusted to fit your arm to give accurate results.


The best thing about this monitor is that it meant for 2 users, and can store 120 readings, that is 60 reading per user. This is a great feature which lets you keep a record of the measurement, sparing you the hassle of pen and paper, which then can be easily shown to your doctor during your visit. Moreover, it intelligently adjust the last 3 reading for you to give you the average measurement! Doesn’t that sound great!


Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor not only records your blood pressure but also your pulse rate and  alerts the user of abnormality via. Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia) Indicator.  In addition, the screen changes color indicating if your reading are in normal range or not. Blue screen indicates normal reading, Orange screen  indicates pre-hypertension while , and  the Red screen indicate hypertension. I really like this color coding feature!

This is great B.P monitor for anyone who has blood pressure issues! It is so easy to use with one touch button, and gives user the option to set date and time. The user manual that comes along with it gives details on using the monitor, and the language is pretty simple to follow.

I highly recommend this monitor for anyone with B.P problem! If I ever suffer from Hypertension, Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor is the one I would purchase given so many amazing features which lets you monitor your B.P.

You can find more about Easy@Home B.P Monitor or other products you can visit their FACEBOOK page or Google+ page

You can purchase Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor from Amazon.


~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free or on heavily discounted price, via. Tomoson, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~

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A compassionate and dedicated teacher, caring mother, good listener, who believes that learning is a lifelong process. I love to try/test different products and write reviews! I have strong opinions about things I feel are important, and posses the quality to influence others with my words.


  1. MamaSmith says

    This would be great for anyone who needs to monitor their blood pressure.


  2. This looks like a very sleek monitor. I love the size of it. It seems just right. The case it comes with is perfect. I love everything this comes with too. It seems like a great deal to me!


  3. This is really handy to own at home especially for people who have loved ones with BP issues. I liked that they sent batteries with the product so you can use it right away. Most do not. The color changing theme is really cool so one does not have to actually remember the range for normal or high. Sleek and compact makes it easy to carry while travelling too just in case needed.


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