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The Cheeky Monkey by Rose Hibbert #thecheekymonkey


My daughter is a sucker for books with beautiful illustrations that she can relate to! As she has just turned 3 she can not read books by herself, but she loves to hear me read it to her. We have a set story time routine which she looks forward to everyday. Previously, we use to purchase books every time we went shopping, but very soon we realized that with so many paperback books we soon will run out of space to store them. The best alternative, we thought,  for this was to buy ebooks.

As she is iPad freak, and smoothly navigate through different apps and Youtube videos on iPad, we decided to try Kindle version of ebooks. I was amazed to see how happily she embraced the change and soon developed a liking to flipping through ebook pages on kindle. She simply loves all sorts of books, but she has her own taste when selecting what to read. She can be the worst critic! With every new book she gets, the first thing she will do is look at the cover page and then flip through first few pages. If she finds it interesting enough then she gives it a GO, if not, the book is deleted without further consideration. To sum up – SHE READS ONLY WHAT SHE LIKES!


Recently, when I got the opportunity to review “The Cheeky Monkey” I was thrilled and looked forward to finding out if my daughter was going to approve it. As soon as I got access to the ebook,  I showed it to my daughter. The first words that came out of her mouth after looking at the cover page were “Look mama, monkey is playing with her”. Without caring what my response was to her statement she flipped through few pages and eventually asked me to read it to her. This was the indication that she liked the book and wanted it in her collection.

She was intrigued by the colorful illustrations and would chuckle on seeing anything anything familiar. The story with the rhymes is something that she is really fond of and this books won her over in that department. It is a simple yet engaging story about a monkey who just wants to have fun and would go to any extent to do. It is quite funny to read how the silly monkey throws things thinking that is the only way to enjoy, but after meeting the girl realizes that misbehaving is not the right way. I find this book to be a great way to teach children the right way to have fun! The rhyming words flow so smoothly and you are forced to sing along with them.

My daughter loves this story so much that she wants me to read over and over again. She even has memorized few lines and would sing when we are not reading the book.

Overall, this is a toddler friendly book with some great illustrations and fun rhymes! I would recommend it to any parent

~I received the book for free in return for my honest opinion.

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