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The Magic Of Friendship by Subhash Kommuru #childrenspicturebook

The Magic Of Friendship, written by Subhash Kommuru, is a delightful story of Babbar and Hansmukh. It tells you how friendship, even with someone with different cultural values and background, can transform us for the good.


The story begins with the flock of geese flying South for the winters.  The youngest one (Chotu) asks The Captain (who happens to be his father)  why they could not take a shortcut and fly over Tadoba.  It is then the Captain tells the flock about the fierce and UNHAPPY tiger (Babbar) who lives in Tadoba warning them about how dangerous it is to fly over Tadoba, based on his own experience. He tells them how Babbar spotted their flock, one year, flying over the jungle, and scared them with his loud roar,  causing them to crash into one another and falling to ground.



But soon its close to dusk and Captain decides to rest there for the night. He warns the flock not to go near anyone as its Kojagiri, a time of year when every animals stays up late and celebrate. While the geese are there, they happen to stumble upon a friendly donkey, who is known for his friendly and humorous disposition.

Hasmukh is such a lovely, silly and fun-loving character. He loves to laugh and makes everyone around him laughs. Babbar, the fierce lion, watches Hasmukh’s joy and loves how easily he can crank up jokes, out of no where, making everyone die of laughing. He is intrigues and wants to learn how to laugh too! When Babbar approaches Hanshmukh with the proposal, at first Hansmukh  is frightened for his life, but then he gathers courage and agrees. But, he asks Babbar to teach him how to be scary in return, to which Babbar agrees and this odd couple become friends.


The story takes a amusing and unexpected turn from here. It is filled with fun moments where they both are trying their best to teach each other. Though, Hasmukh does not learn to be scary, and Babbar does not learn to laugh, but they develop a bond between them and their friendship is  enough for them. With Hanshmukh friendship Babbar is transformed from fierce tiger to being a jolly soul while Hashmukg learns to be fearless. The story ends on a happy note where animals have no more reason to fear Babbar!

I find this book a great way to teach children how to be tolerant of others who are different (based on customs, culture, color, race). It can be read aloud to kids or the children who have the skills can read themselves. Even the older ones can read it to their younger siblings. The illustrations compliment the story and are so colourful and eye-catching. As you read about different characters and see the illustration you feel the characters coming to life.

I love the authors style of narrating a simple story which keeps you engaged throughout. My 3 year old daughter was mesmerized by the story and keep waiting for what was going to happen next. The authors does a commendable job of making readers realize that FRIENDSHIP PLAYS A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN EVERYONES LIFE, and without a good friend one is lonely.

Overall, a great read! I would highly recommend it for kids between age 2 to 10!

You can buy it here:

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product on heavily discounted price, via. Tomoson, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~


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