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Quit Tea ~~Giveaway~ #QuitTea

Quitting any type of addiction, be it alcohol or tobacco requires a lot of will power and desire to quit. The quitting process is not at all welcoming, and as days pass you feel the urge of consuming the substance  growing stronger and stronger. With proper support and encouragement from the loved ones this process can be made a bit tolerant but everything is solely based on the addict. My cousin started smoking a year back and for the last few months has been trying his best to quit. He has tried a number of different approaches, but eventually has given up as he becomes so uncomfortable and agitated when he stops smoking. We tried to help him in whatever way we could, but as I said it was totally upto him to hang in there which he failed to. I was recently offered the opportunity to try a couple of quit smoking products from The Quit Company (Based in Greenwich). The first one is called QUIT TEA and the second is called Quit Support. Both these products are designed to be used by individuals who are looking to quit the habit of smoking. What I love the most about these products is that they are purely herbal supplement containing only natural ingredients (no nicotine at all….isn’t it amazing!) 11807749_988865841144014_2576976112099373937_o The parcel arrived with the products as scheduled on time. It contained 3 boxes of Quit Tea, each box had 20 tea bags which are enough to keep you going for a month (if you drink 2 cups a day) and a bottle of Quit Support, containing 60 herbal capsules. Quit support comes in vegetable cellulose capsules containing a mix of finely ground herbs with main ingredient St John’s wort. This is known for its calming effects on nerves and anxiety. The calming effect is very important part of any drugs that aid in quitting addiction. 11807724_988866017810663_2640287996201875975_o 11782499_988865897810675_2192536647121475175_o 11794448_988865837810681_6275648752089375161_o The packaging of the products intrigued me! I love how each tea bag is sealed in plastic wrap making it easier for you to carry it in your handbag or pocket. The overall packaging felt so full of life with prominent use of green color. 11779965_988865641144034_2650747786629603685_o 11802750_988865631144035_7817079548403937320_o I don’t smoke so I was not an ideal candidate to test the efficiency of this product. So, I gave it to my cousin to try it, therefore whatever I am going to share is based on his experience.

  1. Quit Tea: “I have never in my life tried any herbal tea, so for the first few days I did not like the taste of quit tea and found it very awkwardly strong. It was nearly impossible for me to drink the entire cup without feeling like throwing up. But after few days I developed the liking for the tea, thus I started drinking two cups a day, based on my urge to smoke. The first thing that I noticed was the calming effect it cased on me. Before using this, whenever I tried to quit smoking I became so hyper and agitated which would weaken my willpower, but with quit tea the feeling was not so over powering. I was calm and felt really strong to stick to my decision of quitting.
  2. Herbal Capsules: ” As mentioned on the bottle I started taking 2 capsules each day, one in morning and one in evening. I did not notice any side effects from the capsules, not experienced upset tummy which is something that happens often whenever I start talking any supplement. It did help me remain cal, like the tea and suppressed my urge to smoke again.”

” I have been using it for 3 weeks now and feel proud to say that I have not smoked ever since. I cannot really comment on long term effectiveness, but I can definitely say it works. I had started smoking just year back so I am someone with extreme case of smoking, so I cannot comment on how it works for people who are masters in the field. As far as beginners are concerned it does work!”

You can purchase Quit Tea and Herbal Supplement here:

If you are looking for something to help you quit smoking and are ready to give QUIT TEA a try you can enter to win the Quit Tea Box (with 3 box of quit tea and a bottle of 60 capsules) absolutely free.

To enter comment below telling me “What do you think is the most difficult part of quitting addiction?”

The giveaway ends 6th Aug 2015.

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product on heavily discounted price, via. Tomoson, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. Audrey~ says

    The most difficult thing about quitting smoking is constantly suppressing the thought to quit, and often when trying to quit … we easily give in to the urge to keep smoking.


  2. penny says

    I want to quit, but I don’t have the will power to do it. I have tried some prescription meds and they didn’t help at all. i also think its the hand to mouth habit. I seem to smoke more when i am bored. I would love to try this tea!!!


  3. I’ve started smoking in fifth grade did stop for awhile my senior yr but stated up again then quit for when I was pregnant with my 1st child then started back up again then for my second child stopped but craved it while pregnant later on when I was 36 got a blood clot on my lungs but that still didn’t make me stop so at age 50 tried to quit but hard when boyfriend smokes so now at age 52 still smoking


  4. jill johnson says

    No family support, you need your family to have your back. Not always saying, “You can’t do it,” or “Boy, that’s a joke.” Another main thing about it to me is, having the right system. Being; medications, herbs, meditation, etc. You need your family to help you fight your addictions. Otherwise what is the point?


  5. Kiera M. says

    I think the hard part is temptation to light up, especially being around other smokers


  6. Christine hanek says

    For me the most dificult part of quitting is the physical act itself. I can overcome the nicotine addiction but not the act itself.


  7. Most difficult when you feel that panic hit you.. I’m out.. I really need one.. Maybe I should just got buy a pack. Then You try and get busy or sleep.. That pounding headache.. the nasty temper. The Most Difficult Part is Every Part. It’s hard to quit period.


  8. Khristey Wilson says

    For me, the most difficult part of trying to quit is trying to stay away from other ppl that smoke! Every where you go someone is smoking! I smell or see it & I want to light up!


  9. P.Simmons says

    Your giveaway gives 2 different dates ending? The email I got said it ends August 10, 2015, and the story above gives the end date as August 6, 2015. Although I am interested in trying your tea to help me quit smoking-it is confusing that this one simple ending date is not confirmed. Since the giveaway has either ended (today is August 8, 2015- I GUESS), hopefully you will be willing to send samples? I would like a free sample of your tea to try for a few days-because- as your story stated they did NOT like the taste of the tea and found it difficult to drink. So, if you are willing to send samples I am willing to try your product. Thank you.


  10. Marilyn Durham says

    The hardest part is telling yourself you dont need whatever you’re addicted to, finding something to distract and keep busy. I know the health effects and that I’m killing my body day by day but even that wont stop me..


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