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Terry TreeTop Saves The Dolphin by Tali Carmi #promotion


Recently, I got a chance to review Terry TreeTop Saves The Dolphin, the fourth book in the Terry Treetop best seller series, but I was offered a Spanish version instead of the English one. As I can read Spanish without any problem I accepted the offer gladly.

I am a great fan of Terry TreeTop series by Tali Carmi. These are a delightful read for starting readers, as well as can be read aloud to toddlers for story time. My daughter is 3 years and she simply loves Terry TreeTop. You ask her anything from any of the book in the series and she would tell you the whole story in her chuckling funny language! Oh, I love how she enjoys reading Terry TreeTop and learns so many different life lessons along.

Terry TreeTop, who loves climbing trees, along with his family goes to visit a marine nature reserve in this series. He is tempted to climb up the tree to get better view of the water and the creatures. From the top he watches a group of cheerful dolphins having a great time in water. He comes down to watch them closely and is intrigued by baby dolphin, who seems to be equally curious about the two-legged creature. Terry TreeTop names the baby dolphin “DINO” and he wants to be Dino’s friend, but soon Dino gets into trouble. She gets caught in a net left by some fishermen and is struggling to escape. Terry TreeTop is determined to save DINO! Will he be able to save the poor creature? Is he resourceful enough to do it?

Read this amazing book to find it out yourselves!

This is a wonderfully written book with engaging plot that works perfectly well to engage the young learners. Not only does the book keeps the readers curiously involved, but also teach them valuable life lessons. The illustrations are so adorable, blight and colourful that help  kids to imagine everything happening in the story. With the illustrations children can picture and relate to the story well! The plot is full of adventure, which is something every kid loves. The story takes them to a land where they fully immerse themselves in the adventure.

My 3 year old daughter was so curious as to how Terry TreeTop would save the little Dino. It is fun to watch her so much involved in the story. Every time we I read it to her she would ask “Why did the fisherman leave the net there, mama?”. It is interesting to see all her emotion coming out!

This book helps the children know about the environment and the effect of human activities on the animals habitat. Not only this, but it also teaches them to be responsible citizen of the planet by caring about animals and helping to save them with all the resources we have at our disposals.  Caring and helping others with the cat of kindness can be very easily to taught through this delightful story.

It is great read for children ages 3 to 8 years. I highly recommend this to parents with toddlers to  help them learn about environment and other life lessons.

You can purchase the book from Amazon, or if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow this book from Amazon for free!

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product on heavily discounted price, via. Tomoson, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~


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  1. Sharill Yalisse says

    Oh, I love that they have english and Spanish versions. We al bilingual too. Glad to see a book that teaches something other than unicorns flying over rainbows kind of stories… It is great to create conscience since the young age and what a better way than with a story book 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing that looks like a fun book. It is always a challenge to find books children will love that do not annoy the adults who have to read them over and over! The dolphin is cute!


  3. Aww this sounds so cute. I love that it is engaging and that the illustrations are appropriate and attractive! I also love how into the book your little one was 🙂


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