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Med O’Clock – The Pill Reminder App #MedOClock

Last year, during my pregnancy I was on very strict medication schedule  owing to some complications. Being sick and no one to look after me (Hubby was pretty much in office most of the time) it was very challenging to take medications on time and keep track of my BP as well as Blood Sugar. I wish I had some kind of app that could remind me about taking the medication at specific intervals so that I could have relaxed instead of panicking all the time about it.

Recently, M2C2 Communications launched Med OClock pill reminder App that is meant to help people to manage their medications as well as of their loved ones. I was excited to get a chance to review this app for free. This app is available for download both on Apple store as well as Google Play. There are 2 version of this app available – Free and Paid. Free version is good for keeping/managing medication profile of only one individual, whereas with the paid version allows you to maintain profile for multiple user. So, if you are a caregiver looking for something to help you create reminders as well as manage medication record for no. of  patients (upto 10) then you should invest in the PAID to get access to all the features of this app. 55b70e1f5a85465803b4e3d6e25f7b7f786a720a

This easy to set smartphone app makes your life very easy and stress free by giving you a chance to set multiple reminders for medication which you take. The moment you take the medication you can mark it in the app so that you can comeback and check to confirm, in case your memory fails to help you.  The customized schedule can be easily set up in this easy to navigate app, along with the required dosage as well as any special administration instruction. So overtime you have to take a medication, you don’t need to struggle to find the dosage. You can simply refer to the app and get the work done in no time! It is a stress free solution!

Apart from setting reminders, this app also allows you to store the information of your healthcare providers, from contact no. to email. This way you can have all the information in hand and can use it in times of need, without having to waste time on looking for it at those critical times. You can even set up a emergency contact. This feature is really something that people would find useful in case of emergency when they painc and their mind cannot focus. During such time you can refer to the info in the app and act fact without wasting a second.

e1c74bfad53c7a242d4b968beef6bd45ac44c863One feature that I find particularly very useful is the information sharing that allows you to share medication information or entire patient medication profiles with caregivers or doctors.  The Med List and Med Notes features are useful for maintaining  lists of your medications and specific health notes you may want to remember frequently. You can set reminder for your appointment schedule too that would make sure that you do not miss any appointment.

My daughter was born premature due to some complication, as I already mentioned before, so she is on a strict medicinal schedule. This app has been really helpful to remind me overtime she is due to take her medication. I even save all her medical records from her growth chart to any unusual symptoms that develops during cold or flu on this app, which makes it easier for me to share it with her doctor during the routine appointment. It saves me from the hassle of using pen and paper to keep a track! I find this app really useful and would continue using it in the long run.




~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free, via. Tomoson, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~

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