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The Greyson Grey Series by B.C. Tweed #GreysonGray

Who says Young Adult Fiction / Juvenile Fiction is only meant for the teens?

I love reading books that fall into Young Adult Genres. They take me into the world of adventure and fun, with loads of moments that make me feel young again!

Recently, I was giving a chance to review “The Greyson Grey Series” written by B.C. Tweedt.  Because of my love for Juvenile Fiction I just couldn’t pass on this offer, even though I have tons of books pending to be reviewed. Poor me!!

The Greyson Series is going to be seven-book series out of which 3 are already published:

  1. Greyson Grey Camp legend
  2. Greyson Grey Fair Game
  3. Greyson Grey Deadfall


Greyson Grey Camp Legend: Shortly after the death of his father, eight year old Greyson Gray,  attends a sports summer camp in Iowa. In the camp, the lonely Greyson makes some weird friends, and falls for a pretty girl (his first crush). Along the way, he gets involved in a series of events that leads him to him to discover, and ultimately unravel, a sinister terrorist plot brewing in the observatory. He feels tempted to save the lives of all the innocent souls, because of his promise to his father to always do what is right no matter how dangerous it is. He and his weird but faithful friends join hands together to save the innocent. Will they be able to get success? How hard will it be for them to do something this big?

Greyson Grey Fair Game: Greyson Grey after ruining the terrorist plot in the first book is taken under the protection of FBI Agent Kip, who guards Greyson against possible retaliation from Everett Oliver Emory, the notorious terrorist brother of the man whose plans Greyson ruined. Greyson is allowed to attend a fair with his friends and in the fair they stumble upon yet another terrorist plot. The boys once again work together with determination and courage to fight the terrorist and ruin their plot. The plot is similar to the Camp Legend. but it is more intense and dark. Greyson can be seen as a matured guy who thinks logically before taking any step. With so much going on in this book, a relief comes with the character of Jarryd, who bring humour.

Greyson Grey Deadfall: In the third book of the series Greyson along with friends, including love interest Sydney, are sent aboard a cruise ship to the Caribbean for safety from the new terrorist-driven nation of Pluribus.  His hope for reuniting with his father is growing stronger as he  plunges into a world of tragedy, determination, courage, and friendship to unravel yet another sinister terrorist plot. Will he get success this time? Will he reunite with his father?

Read “The Greyson Grey” Series to find out!




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