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Micro LED String Lights by #RTGSPRODUCTST

Picture yourself in your backyard with cool breeze blowing and you enjoying candle light dinner with your partner. This is a perfect setup to make up for the times when you were too busy with your baby to even think about something else.

Or even better, picture yourself in your backyard, lit by array of starry LED lights, having dinner with your partner. Imagine how cool and romantically beautiful the atmosphere would be! Doesn’t this mystic scenario tempt you! Oh, yes It surely does!

You must be wondering how and when I got time to think about this idea of romantic dinner when my toddler was keeping me busy running all around the house!

Well, It all started when I received LED String Lights by RTGS Products to test and review. The company was generous enough to send me a bundle of these high quality LED String Lights.

I was sent 30 Micro LED String Lights in Bright White Color and Five Colors of 2 Sets of Micro LED 15 String Lights. I was on cloud9 to receive them in mail.

You all must be wondering why am I so crazy about lights!

Coming from the land of festivities, India, I have always used all kind of lights and candle to decorate my house for occasions. Through out my life, I have seen and experienced the magical transformation your house goes through after you decorate it with lights or candles, especially during Diwali (festival of lights), which is the factor behind my fondness of all kind of lights.

Everything aside, let’s get back to the review!

1. 30 Micro LED String Lights in Warm White Color with Remote Control:


These lights are 10 feet long  and so tiny, about the size of rice grain, arranged beautiful on a very thing silver wire. I really loved how flexible yet sturdy the wire is that can be pretty much moulded to any shape, making it idea to wrap around pillars or railings.



When I first used these lights I was expecting them to be warm white in color, as mentioned on the package, but was pleasantly surprised to see how bright they look! In dark, with these lights on you would be able to read few lines without any problem. These lights are battery operated and need 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package. Battery operated lights do not economically fit everyone, but it sure does have its benefits. With battery operated lights you do not need to look for sockets to plug in to get the lights going. They can conveniently be used to decorate anything any where!


The battery box is small, smaller then the deck of cards, and is weatherproof. This is something I look for when I purchase decorative lights. Even the lights (leaving the battery box) is summersible, which makes it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. You can set lights on TIMER MORE if you want to conserve battery and want the batteries to last longer.

The best part of the battery box is that there are no screws holding the cover together. So you do not need to waste energy on unscrewing overtime you need to access the box. There are locking clips which makes it very convenient for you to open it and change batteries. One thing that really intrigued me is the REMOTE CONTROL that comes long with these lights making it easier to turn on/off or switch modes without having to go near the battery box. Amazing! Isn’t it!


Apart from using them on my date night with my hubby, I also used these lights to add glimmer to my daughters birthday. Everyone was so pleased on how I wrapped it around the pillar in my backyard to make it stand out.

2. Five Colors of 2 Sets of Micro LED 15 String Lights:





These lights are almost similar to the 30 String LED Lights, but comes in different colors and the length is much shorter. The best part of these lights is that the battery needed to operate (2 CR2032) is comes with the package sparing you from the pain of spending extra bucks to get the lights going.

The battery box is not big, but big enough to accommodate the batteries well. It is transparent and when you use it to decorate no one will notice the battery box as it can be hidden pretty easily with its small size and clear look. With new set of batteries you can use it for non-stop 24 hours and it can last much longer when used in breaks.


Though they are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use, but I prefer to use then indoor to add colors to my living room. You can put them in a transparent vase or jar and it makes the space stand out. The vibrant, RED, PINK, BLUE and GREEN colors look so beautiful! I am hooked!



Important: The lights by #RTGSProducts are pretty durable and have a 20 years life span!

You can look for more information of make purchase here: http://www.rtgsproducts.com

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free, via. Tomoson, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~



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