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Gollywood, Here I come! by Terry John Barto #ebook

Written by Terry John Barto

Illustrated by Mattia Cerato

Age Range: 3-7

Gollywood, Here I come!, is a delightful debut story picture book, by Terry John Barto, with adorable characters, and colourful illustration of ducks, turkeys looking for new talents!



“You can do anything if you work hard and never give up.”

Anamazie Marie LaBelle has big dreams, like all other girls of of her age normally have. She wants to be a superstar with the red carpet fame. With only one dream in her heart, she proudly leads the Wattle View School Marching Band down Gobbleville’s Main Street as the youngest majorette.  All the support and encouragement she needs comes from her mother, who is always there to boost her.  She tried her luck on the Gobbleville’s Got Talent but sadly couldn’t get success. But, guess life has something big to offer! She is invited to an audition for a movie in Gollywood, and all her  dreams soon come true.

Wow, such a great story about courage, determination and perseverance!



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