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Be Positive Or Be Quiet by Mark E. Wilkins #‎bepositve‬

Few months back, I saw a documentary which made me realize how by thinking negative we force nature to make negative happen. I don’t exactly remember the name, but I do remember that it is a very powerful documentary that made me understand the importance of being positive. Whatever you say or think keeps circulating in the universe in the form of positive and negative clouds. The more negative we think or the more negative words come out of mouth, the more are the chances of it coming true. So, instead if we channel our energy and focus on only positive, only good and positive things are bound to happen.


Mark E. Wilkins new book “Be Positive or Be Quiet” is based on the similar idea, except that it shows how you can easily put a “watch on your mouth” by using wisdom from the Bible. As this book is a religious kind of book, it tries to make people realize that God, who is the supreme commander of the universe, teaches us that by our words we are prophesying our future. It refers to specific portions of the Bible to help people become more positive through the use of language, and suggest to “KEEP QUITE” if you cannot be positive!

Though, I have not read Bible, yet I can relate to each and every principle referred in the book. It is not only in Holy Bible, but each and every religious book teaches the same, be is Gita or Quran!

This is such a book with a powerful message! Being POSITIVE is very important in our life to make it worth living. Only if you are positive you can get happiness and good thought. NEGATIVITY always attracts sadness and disappointment. This book is a reminder that we only get what we give. Everything is about KARMA and things come back to us. So, in order to make your future bright and take control of life, start being positive and if you can’t simple solution is to BE QUIET.

Instead of saying “I can’t do that.”, “I will fail in the test”, we can focus on the positive aspect and say “I can do it”, “I will pass in flying colors”. Thus focusing on positive will turn the nature in our favor and make good things happen. Try it and you will realize it really works. Ever since I read this book, I have tried to focus on nothing but positive and feel happy from inside. All the negative thoughts have vanished leaving me glowing with positivity!

We can influence other by our negativity, then why not try to influence everyone with out positive works thus making a better place to live in! read the book, to find how!

The book is available in several languages – English, French and Spanish, and in three different formats – paperback, Kindle and audio book.

Find more about the book here:

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free or on heavily discounted price, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~


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