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Fight Acne with the Tree Tea Oil Infused Acne Mop #AcneMopHeadbands

My brother plays football and works out for hours daily which makes him sweaty! The enormous amount of sweat gets trapped in different parts and blocks the skin pores to cause acne breakout, especially in the forehead. He has tried a number of tropical creams and lotions to prevent this but it has only made the matter worse.

Acne Mop, has proved to be one and only product, so far that has made a difference to his acne. Ever since he started using this wonder product, he has not experienced any breakout. He finds the product refreshing and a very easy way to keep the sweat dripping down the hairline onto the forehead. Moreover, these mops contain essential oils hence antibacterial, thus keep micro-organism under check!

Well, you must be wondering what is this ACNE MOP I am talking about!

Acne Mop is the first patented wearable clothing that works at the point of contact between your helmet, shirt, and pads to protect your skin, keeping you clean and cool. It prevent acne and skin disorders by creating a barrier between sweaty clothes and your skin. Each sheet is infused with aloe, tea tree oil, white tea, cloves and other natural ingredients. The Essential oils used are Premium grade, meaning fist squeeze of the plant for more active ingredients to give you great quality., which are sourced from China where there grown slowly,to bring out the largest number of antioxidents in every plant. Thus, when you buy these Acne Mops, you will get nothing but the best!



Acne Mop is the best way for athletes to get rid of acne!

 It provides ways to treat acne under the helmet, shoulder pads and in the open air. The unique acne remedy is patented to treat body and facial acne and prevent scarring.

 Acne Mop Create’s a anti-bacterial barrier between you, and your sweaty helmet or sports gear. By Infusing essential oils (Aloe-Vera, Tea tree oil, Clove, White tea.) In a headband, chin piece, shoulder piece. Wear on the sports field, or spa to keep your hair back, while infusing great products into your skin. To keep your pours open and clean.


Check the link out for more information:

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free or on heavily discounted price, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~



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