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SafeDNS Parental Control Service ##SafeDNSparentalcontrol

Do you have young children and teenagers in your home?

Are you worried about what sites they visit on Internet or what movies they watch?

If yes, Then Safe DNS is a perfect solution to relieve you from all the tension!


Well, SafeDNS is a web filtering solution for home users that allows parents to manage and control kids’ access to the web at any time. With the parental control service you can monitor and restrict the access of inappropriate websites for your kids no matter which device they use, be it desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The solution has a number of useful features. It provides protection from botnets, malware and phishing. SafeDNS service blocks access to malware content and dangerous websites even before this information will be downloaded to your computer.

The good news is, you are not required to purchase any hardware to use this service, not download any kind of software. All you have to do is register, set the service, chose your own filtering settings through the website interface. Yes, its as simple as this and you can start enjoying the safer Internet!

When you register, you get 15 days of free use after which you are charged. So you have a 15 days trial period before you can actually pay for the service. This is something I like! If you are not satisfied with the service you can cancel the subscription at any time.

For more information visit the link:

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