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Etekcity® 5 Pack Auto-programmable Wireless Remote Control Outlet Plug

I have been intrigued by the “Clapper Sound Activated ” outlet plugs and always imagined how easy my life would be with those magical outlets. I would not have to worry about getting up every time to turn on the lights, thus saving me from tripping and falling, while trying to get hands to reach the switch in dark or when power fails all of a sudden!

Recently, I was offered an opportunity by Etekcity®, to review their 5 Pack Auto-programmable Wireless Remote Control Outlet Plug. I was on cloud9 getting this chance. Finally, I was getting a chance to turn my imagination into reality.

Etekcity® 5 Pack Auto-programmable Wireless Remote Control Outlet Plug arrived within a day or two, so that was fast shipping! The package had a nice combination of red and black color which made it eye-catching and pleasing to eyes. All the basic features and specification are clearly mentioned which I loved! For my point of view, with good packaging seller can easily won half that battle of making a mark onto the customer hearts. A bad packaging can be off putting can no matter how good the product is people won’t be interested in buying. Am I right??


Here is what was in the box:


Showing only 3 outlets as 2 are already in use

5 Etekcity® Zap Programmable Outlet

2 Etekcity® Zap Remotes

User Manual


Etekcity® programmable outlets are very simple to use. You don’t have to worry about installing anything as such. All you do is plug in into your wall outlet and controlled it with a remote control. Each outlet is well-made and a bit bulky in size, but it does not block the bottom port on my standard wall outlets. There is a ON/OFF button on the outlet that you need to pair or disconnect it with the remote. The LED indicator on the outlet flashes red when its on, which is a great way to let the user know that it’s working.


I love how well-constructed the remote is! It’s light in weight and sturdy. It has a ON/OFF button, and few other buttons numbered 1 to 5 to pair it with 5 devices that you would like to operate with the touch of remote button.

The first time you use the outlet, you need to set it on a specific number so that only that number can be used to turn ON/OFF that specific device. For example, my living room lamp is set on number 2 and every time I press that no, the lamp is turned on. The range of the remote is pretty good. You don’t have to be even in the same room to make it work. It works very well even if you are in the other room, which is the best part!


Overall, I’m in love with these Wireless Remote Control Outlets Plugs. The simple convenience of turning something On/Off with the click of a button makes these so amazing. I am thinking of buying one set for my mother too!

You can purchase here: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00DQELHBS

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free or on heavily discounted price, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~

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