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AGPtek 300LED RGB Multi-color Net Mesh Fairy String Lights #AGPtek #LEDstringlights

Picture yourself in your backyard with cool breeze blowing and you enjoying candle light dinner with your partner. This is a perfect setup to make up for the times when you were too busy with your baby to even think about something else.

Or even better, picture yourself in your backyard, lit by array of starry LED lights, having dinner with your partner. Imagine how cool and romantically beautiful the atmosphere would be! Doesn’t this mystic scenario tempt you! Oh, yes It surely does!

You must be wondering how and when I got time to think about this idea of romantic dinner when my toddler was keeping me busy running all around the house!

Well, It all started when I received AGPtek 300LED RGB Multi-color Net Mesh Fairy String Lights to test and review. The company was generous enough to send me a bundle of these high quality LED String Lights. I was on cloud9 to receive them in mail!



You all must be wondering why am I so crazy about lights!

Coming from the land of festivities, India, I have always used all kind of lights and candle to decorate my house for occasions. Through out my life, I have seen and experienced the magical transformation your house goes through after you decorate it with lights or candles, especially during Diwali (festival of lights), which is the factor behind my fondness of all kind of lights.

APGteK 300LED RGB Multicolour Fairy String Light has got me hooked! Perfect to doll up the environment for any occasion, from birthday party to wedding! These lights came nicely packed with each stand separate that spares you from the pain of untwining each strand before you can use them. Thus it saves you a lot of time! These are easy to set up, hardly takes 10 minutes to get it going.


It measures 4.4m by 1.5m and uses 10 watts of power. As it is not battery operated, I love it even more from the economical point of view. You don’t have to spends bucks on purchasing batteries overtime you run out of it. Isn’t it great! It is designed in such a away to create a look of a mesh of LED lights hanging down to leave everyone captivated by the beauty! Each color is bright and looks so cool!

The strands are water-resistant and the vinyl covering the wires makes it safe for use. The controller is white in color and small in size, smaller than the deck of cards. It is not water resistant, so you have to keep the controller somewhere safe and protected from moisture, water and snow. The controller is not made of a good quality plastic, and this is the only thing thats bit off putting about these lights. i hope the manufactured will work on this area to make the experience more pleasing for the customers.



As I already told you, these lights are fairly easy to set up as well as take off. You can chose from the 8 different modes available to set the lights on. The 8 light modes are as follows:
1) Combination of flash
2) Wavy
3) Alternate strand flash
4) Slowly fading alternative strands
5) Flashing
6) Slowly fade
7) Twinkle
8) Steady on







I love the twinkle mode the best as it gives an appearance of stars twinkling in the sky and each color shines thorough when they twinkle. I recently used these lights on my daughters birthday and every one was complimenting me on the decors. These lights can make the entire set up stand out and leave others mesmerized. The light are well-made, durable, bright, and each and every aspect from the safety point of view is well taken care of. I am planning of buying few more sets to use for Christmas!

You can purchase these lights here: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00H8LP56S?ref_=cm_cr-mr-title

~~~~~~~~I was not compensated for this review. I received this product for free or on heavily discounted price, in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~~~~~~~~~~

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