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9.7 Inch Oak-Technology Android Tablet – A budget friendly alternative

My 3 years old daughter is tech-freak. She watches videos, plays educational games and what not on iPad! Recently, my iPad slipped off her hands and the screen cracked. Thanks to God, the crack is superficial and the iPad is still fully functioning. This incident prompted me to look for alternative tablet that is not costly, yet can effectively replace the need of iPad for her and tolerate the abuse well.

was hunting for something with similar features to iPad. Obviously, I did not expect a lower end tablet to offer lot of memory, or great screen resolution, but at least a flexibility of adding more memory and the option to download apps or ebooks as per the need was something that I could not compromise. 

Right at the time, I got an offer to review 9.7 Inch  Android Tablet by Oak-Technology. What more could I have asked for! I was really excited to test and review the tablet to see if it had everything I was looking for, apart from being budget friendly, which obviously it is!


Before switching on the tablet, I read the product details and got a glimpse of what I should expect from this tablet. To be true, I was relieved to find that the tablet has enough features  to offer, making it great to be used by not only my toddler but even by me myself. If you have experience with android phone, then this tablet is something that would be great for you as it full set of Android 4 features.


Booting up



The first thing that caught my attention is the fact the tablet has 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core processor. Dual core Cortex A9 chips may not be the best in tech advanced times of today , but it does gives you a browsing experience with rich graphics similar to that of PC’s. WOW! I was really not expecting this budget friendly tablet to deliver such powerful experience.

The 9.7” LCD 1024×768 display makes everything look crisp and sharp. It is great to watch HD movies, videos and even play games. The good screen quality and resolution does not strain your eyes and enhances the whole gaming or movie experience. Given that this is not one of the sophisticated branded high end tablet, I am really pleased with the LCD Display and resolution. What more can we expect from something that is not blowing off our pockets! Right!



Coming to the screen sensitivity to touch and hence the response time, I would say it is not really  great in comparison to higher-end tabs, but it is sufficient for you to enjoy movie, play games, email, use the basic apps or read books without issue. One thing that I forgot to mention is that the tab does takes time to boot up, but that is not something to be really bothered of.



The front 0.3mp camera and the rear 2.0mp camera are good enough to snap good photographs and record videos, but obviously they have its limitation. You should not expect it to work like your iPad cam!

When fully charged, you can use the tab for anywhere 6 to 9 hours depending on what you are using it for. If you watch movies the battery will drain quickly in comparison to playing games or sending mail.



The lack of bluetooth connectivity feature disappoints me a bit, as I normally connect my tablet to my headphone to enjoy music without bothering others, but sadly this with this tablet I cannot do that. However, the HDMI interface allow me to connect it to my 40″ Smart TV to enjoy movie on bigger screen. I normally connect it to my TV when we have guest and we want to enjoy something on big screen! Love the whole experience!

The hard drive only offers 8GB storage which is very less if you want to download apps, music or ebooks. But, the you can use SD card in the TF card expansion slot to add more storage. Thus, I can store everything I need by expanding its memory.

One thing that I feel company should take care of is the user manual. I did not get any user manual with it which makes it difficult to figure its working. A well-written user manual sure is something that would make the whole experience more enjoyable for the customers.

Overall, I really like the tablet and it surely does offer some great features given the price range. My whole purpose for reviewing this tablet was to see if it would be good for my daughter, and I am pleased to say that it is not fits my daughter need, but even I can use it for my work. I am one happy customer!!!!

Check out this tab and other amazing tablet option by Oak Technology on Amazon.

Disclaimer: This product was received at highly discounted price  for review, inspection and testing purposes. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review.

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