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Boots for Comfort, Function and Style – Comfy Moda Boots

Winters in Saskatchewan are terrible! The temperature goes down to as low as -40 degree Celsius, and the windchill makes it unbearable to stand out for even few minutes. With lots of slush, piles of snow and freezing temperature, the only rescue is to keep yourself bundled up in order to survive. Sweater, scarf, glove, hat, coats, jackets are the only best friends you can think of to get through the harsh winters.

But what about the feet?

Well, a good quality Winter Boots are a must not only to keep your feet safe from the wrath of winters, but also to make it easier to walk on the snow without exhausting you.

Recently, I was offered a chance to review 2 different styles on Winter Boots by a company named COMFY MODA BOOTS.

Comfy mood boots? Never heard of the company before!

Let me start by throwing some light on the company itself!


Comfy mood boots is a company that specializes in Winter Boots. They offers a diverse style of winter/fall boots that prove fashion and function coexist during a cold canadian winters too. The company has been the supplier of the shoes to the well known stores in Ontario and Quebec, for the past 12 years. Their  major products are women’s winter urban snow boots & women’s winter classic snow boots.

Comfort, Function and Style” is their Slogan!

Wow…..Sounds Intriguing! Isn’t it!

When I was offered a chance to review 2 different styles of winter boots by the company, I got super excited. Being a fashionista, I always look for winter boots that apart from saving my delicate feet from the harsh winters, also look elegant and stylish to wear. And, Comfy Moda Boots fit my criteria. The boots look stunning, perfect to wear and show off. At same time, they cater to the needs that one has in extreme wintery condition, with slush, ice, snow, and freezing temperatures.

I chose two of their best selling boots to review: Blue Mountain and Ally, as they are named. Both the boots are super comfy to wear and look elegantly stylish. When I shop for winter boots, I look for few basic things that help me decide if the boot are good first for me or not; such as sole that offer good traction, comfortable to wear, easy to take off and put on, keep feet warm, perfect fit, not heavy, well stitched, look great. And, both the styles of Comfy Moda Boots have everything I look for. Wow!



Comfy Moda Women’s Ally Winter Snow Boots come in size 6-12, and in 2 colors. I chose black as I find black more appealing! The grip outsole offers good traction that is really important in winter boots, as it prolongs the life of sole and prevent you from slipping on wet/icy surface, thus making it easier to walk on such surface.


Made with man made leather, Ally look really sophisticated and elegant. The metal buckle adornaments adds to the beauty and style. There is a full zipper on the size which makes it convenient to put on and take off without having to put lot of effort. I do not need find a place to sit in order to put them on my feet, which makes them my favourite pair of boots.



This pair of boot is good to be worn for temperature as low as -30°C / -22°F and the wool blend lining keeps your feet warm and cozy, irrespective of the temperate on the outside. I am so in love with them. I am relived to have a pair which I can confidently wear during winters, without having to worry about getting my feet getting cold.

Blue Mountain is yet another best seller style, and the most impressive feature of this pair is the adjustable laces that helps to get your calves in and out easily without having to put any efforts. Furthermore, the zipper is also present on the side to take the convenience of putting on or taking off the feet to yet another level.



Blue mountain boot is a classic boots that has a touch of fashion and style. The rubber outsole is perfect to give you the required traction to prevent you from slipping on wet or icy surface, On the inside, this pair has faux fur lining that keep your feet warm and dry even when its chilling outside. What a relief!


This style is available in 6 to 12 and in 2 different colors; Black and Tan. I decided to go with Tan as this color enhances the classic look of this pair and bring out the best.  It can be comfortably worn in temperature as low as -25℃ / -13℉, and the water resistant body makes it perfect to walk in slush and snow, without having to worry about it getting wet. What I love the most about this elegant pair is the faux fur lining that covers the outer rim of the boots and compliments the tan color very well, enhancing the look!



I am really happy with both the styles. They are so comfortable and the soles and not bulky which is great. With bulky sole boots it becomes a painful experience to walk on snow. It almost feel like you having to drag your body lifting up the heavy sole in each step you take, draining all your energy. Thankfully, Comfy Moda Boots are not one of those bulky sole boots! In addition, they fit perfectly well for the size you chose. You don’t need to bother buying a size up or a size down to get comfortable fit. Just go for your normal size and you will get it right! Very rarely I have come across such perfectly fitting boots. Both these pair of boots are going to be my best friends this winter, both because of convenience and style factor! I would highly recommend Comfy Moda Winter Boots for everyone who has to bear extreme winter conditions!

Disclaimer: This product was received at highly discounted price for review, inspection and testing purposes. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review.

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