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XTAVA Auto Styler – Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron with 1.1″ Barrel

What would you answer if I asked you, “What is that one thing that even though might seem simple, yet appears nearly impossible for you to achieve?

Well, for me I would say there are quite a few of them! And out of them, one that may seem easy piesy to others, but I find almost impossible is achieving those perfect curls using a curing rod, which has always made me envy my friends who can do it in a breeze.

I have always struggled with getting the polished curls that I simply adore. The problem seems to be the lack of necessary skills that ones require when using a curling rod. Rolling the hairs in the rod, aligning them perfectly well seems to be just impossible. No matter, how hard I try I fail! Every time, either few strands get left out in the process or simply slide up while the rod is working its magic. And the result is, untidy and unfinished curls. Poor me!

To end up my struggle and make the whole process easier for me, I wanted something that could efficiently do the job of rolling hairs without having me to put in the efforts.

Well, God heard my wish and granted it in the form of XTAVA Curling Rod!


Minimal, Professional Packaging!

XTAVA Curling rod is a well-designed curling rod that seems to work perfect for people like me, who have always had a hard time using one! Very well constructed, light weight design with ceramic tourmaline barrel and 360-degree swivel cord takes care of you and helps you to get the long-lasting shiny curls that would make you talk of the town.

That being said, this is by far, the most efficient and easiest to use curling rod I have come, which won’t be blowing off your pocket at the same time. Obviously, when you go out spending hundreds of dollars for a curling rod, it is without doubt expected to perform well. But, when something that is not very expensive performs beyond expectation it amazes you, and this is the case with XTAVA Curling rod!

You all must be wondering what is so different about Xtava that I am singing song in its praise. Well, I would say it has everything that would make the whole curling business damn easy.

To start with the CERAMIC TOURAMILINE BARREL generates constant and even heat to create long-lasting, shiny curls. The barrel is thick (1.1’) hence perfect to provide body and volume to the curls. It will work well to get the precise look or structure curls. But, if you want to get tight, springy curls then this curling rod is not for you!


I love the 8 FOOT 360-DEGREE SWIVEL CORD that solves the struggle of tangling and out of reach outlets. I can now plug in the curling rod into the outlet behind my dresser and work on my hair while looking into the mirror, which previously was not possible as my older curling rod cord was short, hence not able to extend up to the dresser mirror. Furthermore, the 360-degree swivel cord lets you use the rod in any position without working about the cord getting tangled up. IMPRESSIVE!

The ceramic tourmaline technology used in the rod emits negative ions to counteract the positive ions found in dry hair, sealing moisture into the cuticle and minimizing heat damage. So no more worrying about the damaged caused to your hairs by the heat. XTAVA curling rod will not dry up your hair, and make them frizzy. Instead, it will keep the moisture intact and give your hairs shine. Healthy looking locks are what everyone will notice!

The most amazing and innovative feature is the AUTOMATED BI-DIRECTIONAL ROTATING CONTROL, which is something that works like magic. It takes care of rolling the hair into the barrel to give you perfect curls. Now, with this amazing feature, all you have to do is secure your hair into the BUILT-IN HAIR CLIP, and press the button. Rest will be well taken care by the curling rod itself! WOW! Now, remember it may take some practice to getting use to the automated rotating control. But, once you master it rest everything will fall in place.


The first time I used this feature, I misjudged and pressed the wrong button, which resulted in the rod curling up to my scalp. Thanks to God, I figured it out on time and managed to undo it on time before I burned my scalp.

My hairs are super fine and so I normally style them at low temperature setting. Styling thin hairs at high temperate increase that chances of getting them burned. Now, XTAVA’S AUTO STYLER features 11 temperature stages between 210-430 degrees allowing for accurate heat control for every hair type. I was able to set it to the required temperate as per my hair type and get style them accordingly. The LCD display makes it easier to know when the rod reaches the set temperature.

I have tried to curl my hairs with XTAVA, and have been successful at it. My hairs are shoulder length hence I was not able to get a very finished look with it. The rod is not where to be blamed. My friend who has long hairs was able to get those perfect shiny curls in 10 minutes, which with other curling rods takes about 20-25 minutes. The curling rod heats up real quick and so you do not have to spend lot of time waiting for the rod to reach the desired temperature. This is a very efficient curling rod, which offers so many awesome features that not only helps you to style your hairs, but also lets you do it without putting much effort. I am hooked!

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**This product was received free of cost for review, inspection and testing purposes. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review. I review all my purchases so that others can get an idea about the product effectiveness before they spend money buying it. Hopefully my review would help others to make a wise decision!

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