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PleasingCare Sonic Rechargeable Skin Care Facial Cleansing Brush

Cleansing and exfoliating skin effectively is an integral part my daily skin ritual which I have been following religiously, ever since I stepped into my 30’s. After all, the real struggle of keeping the sign of aging at bay, and making the skin beautiful and radiant, starts soon after you hit the mark on 25-30. If you fall into this group, you would understand better what I am talking about!

So, to pamper my skin, I have been putting my hard earned money into buy the best cleansers, exfoliators, and scrubs,  but sadly, even with all the money and efforts I have been putting, my skin tends to break out every now and then.  I have had a hard time figuring where was I lacking or what was I doing wrong!

Last week, at my friends party, I met her aunt who also happens to be a beautician. While we were getting to know each other, she noticed the redness all over my face and asked me about it. When I told her about my skin condition, she told me to invest in a good quality facial brush, rather than relying on the hands to do the cleaning. She educated me how a cleansing brush does an excellent and way better job of deep cleansing and exfoliating the skin, in comparison to the standard cleansing method I had been practicing. And, she specifically told me stay away from the cleaning brushes that rely on rotatory motion to do the job, as these kind of brushes are very harsh on skin, and tend to do more harm than doing good.

With all the information she fed into my tiny brain, I started my hunt. I was amazed to find so many different kind soft facial brush available online, and it was really confusing for me to settle for any one. Thanks to the key features, mentioned by my friend’s aunt, I was able to screen few good brushes out of the large available selection. Out of the final selected ones, the one that really intrigued me with the gorgeous appearance was PleasingCare Sonic Rechargeable Skin Care Facial Cleansing Brush.



Well written manual with clear concise instructions

Very compact in size, lightweight in design and ergonomic shaped body, PleasingCare is a travel-friendly brush with offers 2 speed vibratory motion. The circular removable brush head features soft bristles that rotate back and forth (sort of vibrating movement). These acoustic vibrations produced creates millions of tiny air bubbles that releases the excess oil, dirt and makeup lodge deep inside the skin that otherwise is hard to take off. The result is unclogged pores, with clean and radiant skin.


The beauty of the brush lies in its solid construction (kind of heavy duty built). It is made of 100% safe non-toxic environmental protection material. The brush head bristles are made from non-porous, soft elastomeric polyester material resistant to bacterial attachment. It is designed keeping in mind the practical and user friendly aspect in mind. The outer bristles are fixed, designed to prevents water splash, simultaneously cleaning the large smooth area such as cheeks and forehead. The inner bristles, on the other hand, are the ones that vibrate and work well for small areas such as nose, and chin. So it has got your full face covered!


To make the brush waterproof, Japanese ABS Waterproof glue and sonic welds have been used. Hence it would be totally safe even if you end up dropping it in sink full of water. Not that I am asking you to literally do it, but if it happens by accident then you will have peace of mind with this information.


You all must be wondering how the bristles can reach deep into the skin to work their magic. Well, the bristles of the brush head are thinner than human hair, and so can easily penetrate deep into the skin to deep clean it. Each brush has more than 52,000 bristles, that do a wonderful job of reaching deep and cleaning the skin effectively.

The brush is very simple to use, and comes with two different brush heads (1 Classic + 1 LUXE 100% Cashmere). I prefer to use the cashmere brush head as it i so gently on skin and pampers my skin really well. The brush heads can easily be removed and replaced. Just hold the brush head with the transparent cover firmly, then push it, simultaneously twisting it clockwise, and pull the head away. No matter how complicated it sounds, when you do it it would be a child’s game. To attach the brush, push it down, simultaneously twisting it in until it snaps into place. Keep in mind to always put the cover onto the brush head whenever removing and replacing it, as it will keep the bristles from getting damaged.


You can turn it ON/OFF by pressing the power button , and push the UP/DWON BUTTON to adjust the vibration speed. The most intriguing feature is its inductive charging technology. It is charged using a high-frequency energy field without the need of any charging cables…How convenient! To charge it, just position the charging pod (included), over the charging area (located on the brush handle) so that they align well. Now, plug the charging pod adapter to power outlet and viola…You will see indicator light blinking to indicate charging. I love how pretty the light blue indicator light looks when blinking!

Lets talk about how well the brush worked for me: I have been using this brush, day and night, daily for the last 4 days, and can’t express how much better my skin feels already. The noticed the difference right after the first cleansing session. My skin felt so much better, relived rather, which is a better way to put it. The redness on my face is almost gone, and the skin tone is better. My skin is normally bit dry, and after using the brush I did not experience excessive dryness, which is good.


Comes with a cute pink carry bag 


And a pink headband

In comparison to the tradition cleaning method, I was able to clean the makeup more easily. To compare the results, I cleaned my makeup the normal way and then used this brush and I was able to find my foundation on the brush head. This really opened my eyes and I realized who effectively this brush dose the job. Not only does it cleanse, but it also exfoliate the skin getting rid of the dead cells to make your skin come to life. As it opens up the clogged pores, the serums and creams I use after cleaning are absorbed better, and hence deliver more effective results.

With just 4 days of use, my skin has improved and appears to be more radiant than ever. As for the reduction in finer lines or other anti-aging benefits, I would have to come back and update my post after I have used the brush for at least a month, as such results cannot be expected to show in just few days of use.

Things to keep in mind when using PleasingCare Sonic Rechargeable Skin Care Facial Cleansing Brush:

1) Pull your hair back with the headband to prevent the cleanser from getting into your hair.

2) After each use, remove the brush head, wash the brush head and body directly with water from the tap, and then place it in ventilated place to dry it.

3) Always put the transparent cover back on the brush head to keep the bristles from getting damaged.

4) Never share the brush head you use with other person to avoid irritation, skin breakout etc.

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*I received this product for free for review, inspection and testing purposes. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review. I review all my purchases so that others can get an idea about the product effectiveness before they spend money buying it. Hopefully my review would help others to make a wise decision!

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